Little Bear is curious and wonders where she can find love. Go with her on a quest as she delights in finding a variety of ways to experience both giving and receiving love. Little Bear finds love in hugs and high fives, time together, silly songs, good deeds, and even in gifts. This sweet, charming story is the perfect tool to teach young children how to recognize the 5 love languages. Beautiful illustrations illuminate the joy of Little Bear’s discoveries.

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On a quiet and late night many months ago I sat on my couch with a computer in my lap and the intention to write my son a letter. I wanted him to know how much I love and appreciate him, how much joy he’s brought to my life, how proud I am of him and how happy I am that I get to be his mom. I was very present with those emotions as my fingers began to move across the keyboard and a poem quickly formed. I never expected it. It was as though the words were being given to me and I was a vessel to put them in black and white. I firmly believe that the love I was feeling for my son opened a “gate” of sorts and the message is to be shared.

I am filled with those same emotions as I imagine people holding the children they love in their lap and sharing this story together. I hope you all enjoy the story as much I enjoyed being the vessel for it’s creation.

Because the love I have for my son is what opened the “gate”, this book is dedicated to him.

Ashton, I love you son.

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This is just what our children need in this world right now! Not only is the book intriguing to children, touching on moments they can relate too, but subtly teaches them ways they can show love to others!

Shelly Moore

This is such a wonderfully written, well thought out and beautifully illustrated book. LOVE...LOVE....LOVE!

Sherrie Philpott